The Sims 4 Life Tragedies -MOD- V 1.2 Halloween Horrors Release Notes:


  • Additional Updates/Fixes

  • Fixed the give poisoned apple murder/death
  • Fixed NPC Sims not staying in jail after being arrested
  • Updated the mod's icon


  • Player Controlled Kidnapping *BETA*

You can now kidnap other sims (Teens - Elders) for a ransom, or to keep them in your household as a kidnapped sim


  • To kidnap a sim click on them --> Life Tragedies --> Kidnap Sim To Cave
  • A sim selector screen will show up showing the sim that you can kidnap, click on their portrait
  • Your sims will then arrive at the forgotten grotto cave and the kidnapped sim will be added to your household (If you don't have 8 sims already in your household)
  • Once you arrive at the cave you click on the kidnapped sim (Using the sim that kidnapped them) and perform different interactions:

  • Torment:
    Your sim will start abusing the kidnapped sim by cutting their arm, slapping them, burning them with a cigarette, or breaking a bottle on their head. *The animations are not that graphic, I made them a bit sims like because the concept scares me, even in videogames*

  • Drug Sim:
    Your sim will inject the kidnapped sim with a drug and then they'll pass out.


  • Ask For Ransom From Family Members:
  • Your sim will call the kidnapped sim's family and they'll transfer §5000 to you.
  • Family members will then show up at the cave to give you the full ransom
  • When the family arrives they'll plead to you, check on their kidnapped sim, and eventually give you the §25000 ransom
  • There's a small chance that the family members will shoot you and give your sim a fatal injury wound that can be treated with surgery.
  • After the ransom is paid, the family will hug their kidnapped sim and take them home.

  • Brain Wash:
  • By default, the kidnapped sim will have interaction restrections for 16 sim hours, and will have a kidnapped trait + moodlet, by brain washing them you can remove the interaction restrictions and the kidnapped trait after 2 sim hours have passed.

  • Your sim will place a brain washing device on their head constructed by Jim Pickens that will give them intense shock therapy treatment until they pass out.
    A portrait of
    Jim Pickens can bee seen at the middle of the brain washing device


  • Jason Voorhees:

    is the main character from the Friday the 13th series.
    He's now added to the cast of serial killers and might sneak up on your sims and slash them with his machete.

  • New Murders:

  • Lift Up & Stab Guts With Machete
  • Push To The Ground And Stab Back
  • Smash Head To The Ground
  • Stab Guts With Machete
  • Stab Guts With Knife From Behind
  • Strangle From Behind
  • Execute With Gun From Behind
How To
Understanding LE's

Enjoy The Release And Thank You So Much For Your Amazing Support
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The Sims 4 Life Tragedies -MOD- V 1.1 BETA Release Notes:
Serial Killers 5 Serial killers might now commit crimes in your neighborhoods Each with their own unique murder & back story! You can also become a murderer yourself by choosing one of 6 new murders

Watch The Trailer Here



  • New Features

  • Serial Killers:

  • Sapphire Hudson "The Seductive Lover"
  • Patrick Rogers "The Disliked Bookworm"
  • Willard Kline "The Son Of Flames"
  • Matthew Briggs "The University Professor"
  • Zanny Antowan "The Killer Nanny"


  • Serial Killers Information:

  • By default, killers might now show up in town as a part of the autonomous tragedy occurrences "Can be turned off from the options"
  • A new piemenu has been inside the "Life Tragedies" piemenu called "Serial Killers"
  • Inside, you can call over one of the 5 killers, "Blaze The Area with flames" or "Smoke A Cigarette"
  • Calling one of the killers will invite them over to your town, they will try to communicate with sims & blend it.
  • Each killer will have their own dialogue where you can reply positively, or negatively to them.
  • Replying positively will build a liking between you and the killer, where replying negatively will have your sim get murdered by the killer.
  • Ignoring the killer will have no effect on your sim, they'll stay safe.
  • There's only a 1% chance that a killer could murder someone in your area.
  • Cops will arrest killers on the scene whether they've committed a murder or not.


  • NO MERCY Mode:

  • If you are a fan of chaos and watching killers murder everyone, you can call a killer over from the "No Mercy" piemenu found inside the "Serial Killers" piemenu.
  • Upon calling a killer from that menu they will come over and start murdering everyone in their way for 240 sim minutes.


  • Player Controlled Murders:

  • There are 6 new ways to murder sims in the "Murders" piemenu found inside the "Life Tragedies" piemenu when you click on a target sim.

  • Gun Down Of Bike
  • Stab Throat
  • Stab With Pen
  • Burn In Flames
  • Suffocate With Diaper
  • Give Poisoned Apple  -Toddler > Elder-

  • Murdering a sim will get your sim arrested if witnessed by the cops.
  • Some murders will splash your sim with blood, which can be cleaned off from a shower, or by clicking on your sim and choosing the "Clean Blood Off" interaction.
  • *NOTE*: The Gun Down Of Bike murder requires a LONG distance between the killer & the targeted sim, if there's not enough distance, the sim will tell you that they can't route and then cancel the interaction.


  • Killers Posters & Papers:

  • Inside the "Serial Killers" piemenu, there's an interaction called "Purchase Serial Killer Posters & Papers"

  • Each serial killer has their own poster & paper with information about them
  • You can read the background story behind each killer from their poster, call them over, or call the police.
  • You can also buy a "Cigarette" and a "Flame Thrower" from the same menu which are required for "Smoke Cigarette" & "Blaze The Area" interactions.


  • Individual Tragedy Options:

  • A new piemenu has been added inside the "Options" piemenu, that allows you to Disable/Enable certain tragedies for each save file & OR for each sim.

  • For example, if you don't want sims to be kidnapped, you can disable that tragedy from that menu.


  • Additional Updates/Fixes

  • Sims that get kidnapped at the Romance Festival will no longer be added to your household
  • Sims will no longer do the "Hug After Getting Rescued" interaction at the Romance Festival

Enjoy The Release And Thank You So Much For Your Amazing Support
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The Sims 4 Life Tragedies -MOD- V 1.0 BETA Release Notes:
Add Dark Realism To Your Sims Lives Your sims will now face tragic occurrences that would change their fates by adding dark twists and events.

Trailer has been pushed until Oct 23th to include the serial killers tragedy



  • Key Features

  • Kidnapping:

  • Your sims will get kidnapped by a gang and will request a sum of money to spare your sim's life, don't try to fool them because they might shoot you.
  • Once a sim gets kidnapped of your household you'll start receiving text messages from the kidnappers which will allow you to contact them and processed to save the kidnapped sim's life.
  • Once a sim is kidnapped you can inform the police of the kidnapping and file a missing person's report & post about it on social media.
  • Upon fulfilling the kidnappers requests they will send you the location to where the kidnapped sim is held hostage, you'll get to travel to the location to rescue the kidnapped sim and bring them back home safely.

  • Fatal Illness:

  • Your sims will get a fatal illness that will require a risky surgery, the surgery will have a 20% chance of success, ignoring the illness will drain your sim's life away and end up by killing them
  • The remaining life is a visible motive that you can see in your sims UI once they get the fatal illness
  • You can Travel to the hospital lot to get the surgery done "Requires Get To Work" EP
  • This feature is made possible thanks to itsmeTroi  + fantayzia Videos! Thank you so much ♥
    Check them out!
  • I also want to hail queen of the thotties Carmen King for being an amazing queen. "We're not worthy"
  • And also a shout out to our gurl LuckyGurlB for the amazing person she is ♥
  • I want to list so many amazing people here, but that won't be possible because there are so many of you amazing people out there.
  • I'm creating a tab on my website soon to feature as many of you as I can because you're the reason why my mods reach a bigger audience, and watching your reactions and sweet words is the biggest motivation to keep doing what I'm doing ♥

  • Armed Robberies

  • Burglars that will break into your homes to steal your money and furniture!
  • They might shoot household members including toddlers + children
  • You can fight the burglar to have them leave
  • You can call the police on the burglars
  • You can play as a burglar and steal other sims money and furniture or shoot sims


  • Shooting toddlers and children is turned off for the player "NPC Only" as this feature is supposed to simulate real life tragedies & would only occur by an NPC burglar.

  • Bullying

  • Your sim might be a target of a low life bullies that'll call them names and beat your sims down, they might also break into your houses and bully you inside
  • You can attempt to fight the bullies to have them leave, the sim with the higher fitness skill will win the fight.
  • You can also bully sims yourself by:

  • Intimidating
  • Making Fun Of them
  • Beating Them Down

  • Car Accidents

  • Your sims might get run over by a car and die.


  • Additional Information

  • Tragedies will occur to both played sims & NPC sims
  • You can turn off tragedies for individual sims from the mod's options menu
  • Your sims will be able to talk about the recent tragedy occurrences like a recent burglary or a kidnapping

  • You can set the tragedy occurrence speed from the mod's option!

    OFF Very Slow - Slow - Normal - Fast - Very Fast

    Thanks to TwistedMexi for the script to make this possible ♥

    Check him out, he makes really helpful mods:

  • Mod's Headline Information:

  • Requires base game only except for traveling to the hospital lot (Get to work) EP which is optional.
  • Doesn't override any game's data "Every single code and item is custom"
  • The mod adds (Kidnapping, Fatal Illness,  Armed Robberies,  Bullies, Car Accidents)
  • Should Be Compatible with all mods.
  • The mod will be turned off by default, you choose whether you want to turn it on for each save file.
  • There are speed options to choose how fast you want the tragedies to occur.
  • You can start the tragedies manually if you don't want them to start automatically for your sims.
  • Tragedies can effect all ages "Toddlers - Elders"

What's next for this mod?

  • Serial Killers "Oct 23rd - Oct 30th 2019"

  • Natural Disasters:

-Wild Fires

-Floods "Tsunamis"
-Deadly Earthquakes

-Global Plagues

Personal Info:

  • Working on this mod has been exhausting, it seems that I can't catch a break because I constantly want to improve on it & add new features...
    a lot of sleepless nights, starvation, and over working was done in the past month, seeing your comments, reactions, love and support is what pushes me through and help me in these situations ♥

  • You guys always tell me not to do that, not to over work myself, to take breaks & you always show so much love and concern, thank you so much for that ♥ I assure you that I'm ok ♥

Enjoy The Release And Thank You So Much For Your Amazing Support
I love You ♥