Social Popularity Increase your social popularity and help other sims with social situations, gain their trust and obtain their dirtiest secrets to expose them to the whole world.
The Sims 4 Life's Drama "MOD" V2.0 Release Notes:



  • Key Features

  • A new social popularity system
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Dirty Secrets
  • Public Scrapping
  • The Burn Book
  • Contribute In Social Events
  • Social Help
  • The Feathers NPC Squad

    Social Help:

    On each social popularity level, your sim will be able to help sims with social situations
  • Sims will approach your sim to ask for help

    Available Situations:

  • Help A Sim With Social Advice (SP Level 1)
  • Help A Sad Sim Feel Better (SP Level 1)
  • Help A Sim With Their Fashion Choices (SP Level 2)
  • Help A Clout Chasing Sim Gain Followers (SP Level 3)
  • Help A Crushing Sim Hook Up With Their Crush (SP Level 4)

  • You have the choice to either help the sim, be mean to them or ignore them.

  • Contribute In Social Events (Rabbit Hole):

    Send your sim to contribute in different social events to gain social popularity & help make the world a better place.

  • Support The LGBTQA+ Community
  • Fight Against Animal Abuse
  • Fight Against Domestic Violence
  • Fight Against Bullying
  • Fight Against Racism

    Contributing in any social event will reward your sim with
    +5 Social Popularity

  • Public Scrapping:

  • Fight with other sims and earn popularity by winning the fight.
  • The Sim with the higher fitness skill will win the fight.
  • Winning the fight will give you +10 Social Popularity while losing will remove -10 Social Popularity

  • Dirty Secrets:

    Build trust with other sims and obtain their dirtiest secrets!
  • After obtaining a secret you can add it to "The Burn Book"
  • After adding it you can EXPOSE that secret by spreading paper copies of that secret on the ground
  • Sims who read the dirty secret will scrap with the sim who has the dirty secret.

How To
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The Sims 4 Life's Drama "MOD" V1.0 A Release Notes:
Add Life To Your Sims Neighborhoods! Give NPC Townies the life they always deserved & witness their drama,
Your town is going to be more lively than ever.

Watch "Life's Drama" Release Trailer




  • Key Features

  • This mod adds 11 different dramatic situations that could happen around your sim starring NPC townies and adds a lively atmosphere in your sims neighborhoods

  •  You can participate in some of the situations to help the NPC sims and earn rewards.

  •  You can also ruin sims relationships by "Exposing A Loved One" if they have a partner.

    Available Situations:

  • Couple Breakup Situation

    A distressed dating couple who decided that their relationship is not working and decided to end it on the spot.
  • This couple will fight & cause drama before deciding to end it.

  • Flirty Couple Situation

    A romantic dating couple who can't get enough of eachother & want the whole world to see their love.

  • Proposing Couple Situation

    A dating couple who decided to tie the knot and live happily ever after.
  • This couple will express their love to eachother before deciding to propose.

  • Gang Up Situation

    An evil gang who wants to ruin a poor sim's life.

  • Lost Toddler Situation

    A parent who has lost their little toddler in the streets.
  • You can participate in this situation by calling the toddler's parent after finding the them using the "Inform Parent" interaction found on the lost toddler.

  • Exposed Cheater Situation

    A committed sim who decided to date someone else in secret & got caught by their partner.

  • Troublemaking Kids Situation

    A group of annoying, non disciplined kids who want to ruin everyone's life.

  • Bridezilla Situation

    A bride that realized that this is not the person that she wants to spend the rest of life with and decided to runaway from the wedding.
  • The groom will chase down the bride in hopes that she'd change her mind, but will she?

  • Robber Situation

    A thief who can't have enough money.
  • This sim will be stealing everyone's money

  • Sim Giving Birth Situation

    A pregnant woman who's gone into labor and needs someone to take her to the hospital
  • You can participate in this situation by sending the woman to the hospital using the "Send To Hospital" interaction found on the Pregnant Woman to earn a reward.

  • Sim On Fire Situation

    An unfortunate sim who got caught on fire.
  • You can participate in this situation by extinguishing the sim on fire using the "Extinguish" interaction found on the sim on fire to earn a reward.



  • How to use?

  • After installing the mod click on any sim inside or outside your household --> Life's Drama --> Enable Dramatic Situations Around This Sim.

  • Dramatic situations will now be automatically started around the selected sim.

  • You can also start the situations manually by clicking on the sim with the enabled situations --> Life's Drama --> "Situation Name"

  • You can disable the situation around the sim by clicking on the them --> Life's Drama --> Disable Dramatic Situations Around This Sim.

  • Will this mod effect played sims & households that I created?

  • NO
  • this mod only effects generated NPC townies

Enjoy The Release And Thank You So Much For Your Amazing Support
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